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Cavagliola, situated in the western part of the plateau, is an agricultural hamlet which today is also frequented by holidaymakers. Both Cavaglia and Cavagliola have large flat meadows which are mowed once a year.

To the south of Cavaglia an outcrop, known as «Moti da Cavagliola» in the Poschiavo dialect,
breaks the continuity of the flat meadows. Here we are faced by an almost magical phenomenon: an extraordinary richness of glacial rock pots, otherwise known as «giants’ pots», «deep cylindrical holes» or «mythological pits», unmatched by any other similar site in Europe.

Close by the deep and imposing Cavagliasco gorge can also be admired. The Glacier Garden, characterized by a rich alpine flora, can be reached on foot from Cavaglia railway station in about ten minutes.

Cavagliola is an agricultural hamlet and a holiday location

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