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First sightings and emptying of the rock pots
«It is not known who first observed the peculiar erosion effects affecting the rocks of the Moti da Cavagliola. After the withdrawal of the glaciers, which took place approximately 10’000 years ago, vegetation once again covered the high regions of our mountains. Could it be that some hunters were the first to discover the giants’ pots?

We owe the first written document on the subject to G. Leonhardi, a protestant pastor from Brusio. In his book «Das Poschiavino Tal», published in Leipzig in 1859, he describes «cirkelformige Ausholungen» (round holes) dug in the rocks of the Puntalta gorge.The famous geologist Rudolf Staub, in his map «Geologie der Bernina Gruppe, 1948», places giants’ pots on the Moti da Cavagliola. In my degree thesis (Freiburg,1957) I described at length the basin and the Cavaglia glacial threshold. C. Burga studied the late glaciation period of our valley and in 1987 published his findings in his qualification thesis».
(Aldo Godenzi)

View of the rock pots before they were emptied. They were covered by earth, stones and water

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