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The formation of giants’ pots is due to climatic events and related glaciations. This is proven by numerous studies and research activities, which have led to the formulation of theories and hypotheses regarding the processes involved.

Some synthetic notions concerning their geomorphological origin can be found in the following sources:
  • Professor Aldo Godenzi, «The Cavaglia Glacier Garden», a paper published on the Almanacco del Grigione Italiano 2005 and based on his 1957 degree dissertation entitled «Research on the glacial morphology and geomorphogenesis in the area between the Bernina Group and the Adda Valley, with special reference to the Poschiavo Valley»;

  • Professor Doctor Luca Bonardi, lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Milan, «The shapes of glacial modelling with particular emphasis on giants’ pots», conference held in Poschiavo in June 2004 following a visit to the Cavaglia Glacier Garden.

An erratic boulder provides evidence of glacial action