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Climbing upwards from Poschiavo (1’009 m) on the Rhaetian Railway – the mythical Bernina Little Red Train – it takes about half an hour to reach Cavaglia station (1683 m), located on a wide plateau known as the Cavaglia glacial basin. The plateau houses two small inhabited locations: Cavaglia and Cavagliola.

Until the end of the Sixties the village of Cavaglia, situated in the northern part of the plateau, was inhabited all year long by about twenty workers associated with the Forze Motrici di Brusio (today Rhaetia Energie SA) hydroelectric power station, and their respective families.

The village, which at the time included a school with a church, a station with a post office, a shop, a restaurant and a milk farm, is at present a holiday location inhabited mainly in the summer.

Until the Sixties Cavaglia was inhabited all year long

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