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Teaching cards

Teaching cards
In order to allow teachers to prepare a lesson regarding glaciers and their evolution we have prepared a number of teaching cards which can be downloaded in PDF format.

To view the solutions’ page a user name and password are required. Please send an e-mail message to the following address:, indicating that you wish to access the solved teaching cards .
  1. The glacier and its parts (3.9 Mb)
  2. The causes of glacial advance (680 Kb)
  3. Features formed by glacial erosion (1 Mb)
  4. Glaciations (840 Kb)
  5. The Glacier Garden (2.2 Mb)
  6. The giants’ pots (2.2 Mb)
  7. Panoramic viewpoint: the valley of Poschiavo (916 Kb)
  8. The rock hole puzzle (2.7 Mb)
  9. Rock pot souvenir - part 1 (4.6 Mb)
  10. Rock pot souvenir - part 2 (5.8 Mb)

Cavaglia: the Cavagliasco gorge with its natural sculptures provides clear evidence of glacial activity